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75 Examples of Social Goals

Social goals are plans to change or expand your social life and social habits. These are personal goals that need not be measurable or specific. In fact, social processes can't be controlled such that measuring them is probably a bad idea. People who are good at socializing and who are satisfied with their social life tend to live in the moment. They try to be social in each interaction such that they can expect good things to happen with time. As such, social goals are really intentions -- behaviors that you want to achieve such as being open to others as opposed to end-goals such as a particular number of friends. The following are examples of possible social goals.
Accept More Invitations
Adapt to Emotions in Others (e.g. show sympathy)
Advocate for Others
Ask Others Questions That Are Fun To Answer
Ask Someone Out
Avoid Gossip
Be Friendly
Be Happy For the Successes of Others (i.e. avoid jealousy, envy and schadenfreude)
Be Nice to People Who Have No Power Over You
Be Polite
Be Positive / Optimistic / Expect Good Things
Become Less Self-Absorbed
Become More Competitive at Work / Play
Become More Resilient (e.g. can handle minor insults without disrupting your day)
Being Curious About Others
Being Fun
Being Honest / Candid
Being Open to Others
Complain Less
Consider / Take Suggestions From Others
Contribute in Meetings / Class
Cook For Others / Organize a Pot Luck Meal
Coolness -- Being Yourself and Not Worrying What People Think
Cooperate With Others
Develop Confidence
Develop Social Skills
Develop Your Sense of Humor
Disengage From Technology Around Others
Do Good
Do Things to Disrupt Your Routine (e.g. stop using social media for a week)
Engage Others With Similar Interests / Hobbies
Engage in Social Media in a Positive / Safe Way
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (do things that make you slightly nervous)
Give People Space When They Need It
Greet Neighbors / Coworkers
Identify Emotions in Others
Identify and Sideline Negative People
Join Events
Join Extracurricular Activities
Learn to Control Negative Emotions
Learn to Curb Behaviors that Alienate Others
Learn to Tell a Good Story
Make Friends
Meet Friends of Friends
Monitor Yourself in Social Situations (i.e. notice how people react to what you say)
Notice the Potential & Strengths of Others
Open Up Conversations
Organize a Lunch
Organize a Weekend Outing
Overcome Shyness When it is Important To Do So
Participate in Culture
Participate in School Life
Participate in Your Community
Public Speaking
Push In To Projects / Work
Push In To Social Groups
Show Your Personality
Spend Time With Friends / Family
Stay in Touch With Family
Stay in Touch With Old Friends
Stop Watching Time on Passive Leisure (e.g. watching TV)
Suggest Things
Support Someone
Support the Ideas of Others
Take the High Road (avoid matching the poor behavior of other)
Talk About / Open Up Future Possibilities (e.g. we could go camping someday ...)
Team Sports / Hobbies That Involve Teamwork
Think About Your Social Performance at the End of Each Day To Identify Improvements
Travel / Pursuit Adventure
Try to Appreciate the Humor of Others
View Others in a Positive Light
Work Less and Prioritize Social Pursuits

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