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10+ Types of Humor

 , December 11, 2015 updated on December 27, 2018
Humor is a lighthearted celebration of absurdity, awkwardness and darkness that acts as a relief from the stark seriousness of life. This is often language and culture specific and doesn't translate well. Despite this, people who can't even speak the same language are often able to enjoy a shared joke. Humor is recognized as a potent social skill that may allow an individual to outperform those who are confined to seriousness in a wide range of situations. Humor is commonly used in advertising, public speaking, debate, negotiation, networking, relationship building, influencing and social situations such as romance, friendship and comradery. It is risky to tell a joke and this signals social strength. Self-deprecating humor is a means of countersignaling strength. Humor grabs the attention and wakes people up where dry information fails. The following are common flavors of humor.
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