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78 Examples of Accomplishments

 , December 24, 2021 updated on January 06, 2022
Accomplishments are positive changes and value creation that you have produced with effort and initiative. This includes business, professional, academic and personal efforts that produced mostly positive outcomes. Accomplishments can include tangible results such as revenue and intangible results such as stakeholder relationships. The following are common types of accomplishments followed by a few more specific examples.
Acquiring Skills
Agent of Change (pushing change forward)
Artistic Expression
Automation (e.g. improving an algorithm)
Awards & Recognition
Building Relationships
Building Support
Business Recovery
Clearing an Issue
Closing Sales
Completing Education
Conflict Resolution
Contributions to Cultural & Community Life
Creative Works
Cultivating a Talent
Customer Experience Improvements
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service Improvements
Decision Support
Diligence (accurate and systematic work or analysis)
Disaster Recovery
Doing Good
Efficiency Improvements
Employee Satisfaction
Epic Experience (e.g. ambitious travel)
Exam Results
Extracurricular Achievements (e.g. achievements in an art)
Goal Achievement
Improving Work / Study Habits
Improving a Business Metric (e.g. conversion rate)
Learning From Failure
Managing Processes
Managing Projects
Managing Teams
Managing a Risk
Mastering a Skill
Meeting a Difficult Schedule
Moral Victories (doing the right thing when it's hard)
Negotiating Favorable Terms
Organizing Work
Overcoming Adversity
Overcoming a Weakness (e.g. a bad habit)
Personal Change (e.g. succeeding in a new academic major)
Personal Growth (e.g. overcoming a fear)
Planning Events
Problem Solving
Process Improvement
Product Improvement
Productivity Improvements
Professional Change (e.g. succeeding in a new role)
Professional Growth (e.g. achieving a stretch target)
Public Speaking
Quality Improvement
Recruiting Talent
Reducing Customer Churn
Reducing an Economic Bad (e.g. pollution)
Restructuring & Reorganizing
Retaining Talent
Sponsoring Change
Sports Achievements
Stakeholder Satisfaction
Strategic Wins
Sustaining Productivity
Turnaround Time
Turnaround of a Failing Business
Turnaround of a Failing Project
Value From Failure
Volunteer Achievements
Work Quality Improvement


The following are illustrative examples of how accomplishments can be worded on resumes, performance reviews and other communications or documents such as school applications.
Managed an IT budget of 27 million and a team of 290 IT professionals.
Delivered a product redesign that improved sales by $14 million per annum.
Recruited a team of 7 data scientists. All seven made it through their probationary period with high performance reviews.
Resolved customer experience issues and managed customer complaints to increase customer satisfaction to 90% in 2028 from 77% in the previous year.
Listened carefully to customers and worked diligently with them to solve service issues and answer inquiries. Reduced time-to-resolution by 70% to 65 minutes.
Exceeded sales quota by 40% and won the monthly sales award 3 times in 2028.
Used digital retargeting campaigns to increase loyal customer purchase frequency by 42% to 2.9 orders a month.
Built deep customer relationships to close $1.1 million in new orders from existing customers.
Automated a budget reconciliation process that was consuming $700,000 in labor costs per annum.
Graduated with Highest Honors with a BSc in Engineering from ____ University, GPA: 3.9.
Developed the _____ open source logging API that has been downloaded 1.4 million times and is widely deployed in enterprise software.
Researched artificial intelligence with papers selected for publication by ___________, _________ and ________.
Created a study plan to improve my GPA from 3.0 in first term to 3.4 for the year.
Launched, marketed and operated a small hamburger shop that generated annual revenue of $270,000. Sold the shop in 2028 for $450,000 from an initial investment of $87,000.
Awarded most valuable player in the ___ Junior AAA hockey league in 2025 and 2026.
Works were featured in the _____ Art Exhibition in Tokyo and Berlin.
Developed innovative packaging for delivering cold chain vaccines to remote villages in arid and desert climates. This was used to deliver approximately 980,000 doses of vaccine.


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