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Concrete Goals vs End Goals

 , October 11, 2016
A concrete goal is an immediate and actionable plan. An end goal is a desired future outcome.

Concrete Goal vs End Goal

An end goal is a goal that skips to your final target without any consideration of how you'll get there. For example, a salesperson may have an end goal to increase their sales by 150% in the coming year. End goals aren't actionable in themselves and serve as inspirational targets.
Concrete goals are a means of achieving end goals. They include plans to take specific actions or begin to establish a new habit. For example, a salesperson might have a concrete goal to routinely call customers a month after their purchase to see if they have any questions or concerns. Such a goal is a plan to establish a habit that achieves end goals such as improving relationships with customers.
Concrete Goals vs End Goals
Concrete GoalsEnd Goals
DefinitionAn actionable plan to do something or establish a new routine.A desired future outcome.
ExamplesEstablishing a habit.
Developing a product.
Learning and development.
A revenue target for a year.
A future career path.
The ambition to retire comfortably.

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