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Business Ethics

What are Ethics?

 , December 13, 2015 updated on November 30, 2016
Ethics are principles of right and wrong established by a civilization, society, culture, organization or individual. It is considered a branch of philosophy as the question of right and wrong is a fundamental question rooted in views of existence, knowledge and values.
Overview: Ethics
DefinitionPrinciples of right and wrong.
Related ConceptsBusiness Ethics
Conflict Of Interest
Technology Ethics


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Ethical Issues
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Business Ethics

A list of issues and principles related to business ethics.

Trade Secrets vs Right To Know

Two legal concepts that commonly collide.

Conflict Of Interest

A few examples of conflict of interest.

Fiduciary Duty

An overview of fiduciary duty.

Precautionary Principle

An overview of the precautionary principle.

Professional Conduct

The primary elements of professional conduct.


The definition of accountability with examples.


Examples of common business and personal values.


The definition of agency with examples.

Gaming The System

The definition of gaming the system with examples.

Technology Ethics

An overview of technology ethics.

Existential Risk

An overview of existential risk.

Cultural Lag

When culture isn't ready for the future.

Technology Forces

A list of forces that shape technology in the long run.

Types Of Technology

A list of major types of technology.


An overview of the term precrime as it relates to technology ethics.


The definition of medicalization with examples.

Dark Patterns

The definition of dark pattern with examples.

Technology Disadvantages

An overview of the potential disadvantages of technology with examples.
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