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3 Examples of Fair Game

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Fair game is a person or organization that is a reasonable target for criticism or an aggressive strategy. This is an analogy to sports where in some cases you may tackle or apply pressure to someone only when they have the ball. Fair game embodies the idea that the ethics of a particular strategy may depend upon the authority, responsibilities, strength, position, readiness and behavior of the target. The following are common examples.


Strongly worded criticism may be acceptable when targeted at a peer who has significant authority and responsibility. It may be unacceptable when directed at junior employees, new employees or customers.


The media may criticize celebrities who have chosen the limelight in ways that would not be appropriate in criticizing a regular person who has little media power such that they couldn't possibly defend themselves.


It is common for business and industry regulations to only apply to medium to large firms that have the resources to deal with regulatory burdens such as audits, reporting and internal controls.
Overview: Fair Game
A person or organization that is an considered an acceptable target for an action that might be considered unacceptable in other circumstances against other targets.
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