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38 Examples of Preferences

A preference is a like or priority for something. This is most often used to describe personal likes that are essentially choices or patterns in the choices of individuals. The following are common types of preference.
Prefers a chaotic office environment that is stimulating.
Prefers a quiet office environment.
Prefers adventure over risk avoidance.
Prefers challenging, competitive video games.
Prefers cold drinks to hot.
Prefers comedy movies.
Prefers complex user interfaces with rich features.
Prefers convenience food such as fast food.
Prefers country living.
Prefers direct communication and candor.
Prefers email to text messages.
Prefers emotionally compelling arguments.
Prefers face-to-face in-person communication.
Prefers gold colored wall paper.
Prefers healthy food and home cooked meals.
Prefers humorous friends.
Prefers indirect communication and saving face.
Prefers logical arguments and data.
Prefers low risk investments.
Prefers luxury brands with prominent visual symbols and logos.
Prefers minimalism in design.
Prefers original street fashions to brands.
Prefers ornate / decorative designs.
Prefers punk music.
Prefers quiet reflection and time alone.
Prefers rainy days.
Prefers simple user interfaces with few features.
Prefers structured environments with everything carefully planned and controlled.
Prefers to avoid roles & responsibilities.
Prefers to follow a competent leader.
Prefers to go out almost every night.
Prefers to lead.
Prefers to minimize safety and security risks at any cost.
Prefers to sleep early and wake early.
Prefers to solve problems as an individual with processes such as work.
Prefers to solve problems with social processes such as meetings.
Prefers to work from home.
Prefers video games that easily provide constant rewards and recognition.
The word preference is occasionally used to describe the priorities of organizations. For example, a "preferred candidate" is the job candidate that an organization would most like to hire after a recruiting process.


It is not considered appropriate to call something a preference when it relates to the innate identity and character of a person. For example, a person's personality or sexual orientation is not considered a preference.
Overview: Preferences
A like or priority for something.
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