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52 Examples of Professional Ethics

Professional ethics are principles of professional behavior that are adopted by an individual in their work. To be considered ethics, these must go beyond what is required by laws, regulations and reasonable expectations. Professional ethics are specific to a profession and are relevant and useful in resolving ethical issues that are likely to come up. The following are illustrative examples of professional ethics.
Attention to Detail
Avoiding / Reducing Waste
Backbone / Grit
Be Fair
Be Reasonable / Pragmatic
Build Trust & Credibility
Commitment to Serve Customers / Clients / Stakeholders / Public
Compassion / Empathy
Compliance to the Law
Confidentiality / Privacy
Confront & Challenge Injustice
Conservation of Resources
Defend Client's Interests
Demonstrate Competence
Do No Harm
Do the Right Thing
Doing Good
Due Diligence
Environmental Stewardship
Fiduciary Duty
Flexibility / Adaptability
Health & Safety
High Standards
Honesty / Candor
Human Rights & Freedoms
Informed Consent
Integrity & Moral Conduct
Learn From Failure
Manage Risk
Politeness & Civility
Protect Public / Stakeholders / Customers
Recordkeeping & Audit Trail
Report Conflicts of Interest
Report Wrongdoing / Incompetence / Unprofessional Behavior
Respect For Individuals
Responsibility for Social / Environmental Impact
Responsible Sourcing
Social Responsibility
Stakeholder Advocacy
Stewardship of Company / Public Resources
Take Ownership
Tolerance & Inclusion
Work Ethic
Work to Defeat Biases

Business Ethics vs Professional Ethics

Business ethics relate to the principles of an organization or team. Professional ethics relate to the principles of individuals, their profession and associated professional standards and codes of conduct. For example, an accountant and a information security expert working for the same business may require different sets of professional ethics that can be applied to the expectations and challenges of their respective roles.


The ethics above are overly broad and are intended to be tailored to each profession. For example, "health & safety" for a construction manager may translate to "The health and safety of workers and the public is prioritized over schedule and budget."
Ethics are intended to be specific enough to guide decision making whereby vague ethics such as "integrity" are avoided.
Overview: Professional Ethics
Principles of professional behavior that are adopted by an individual in their profession.
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