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52 Examples of Unique Strengths

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Unique strengths are character traits, talents and knowledge that don't sound like cliches. Unfortunately, media and industry tend to use the same terms over and over again to describe desirable professional and personal strengths such that these terms become stale. In this context, using unique terms to describe your strengths, can wake up your audience and make you stand out as real. The following are illustrative examples.
Designing experiments
Agent of change
Intellectual curiosity
Setting direction
Narrative crafting
Listening with intent to understand
Building trust
Building and leveraging social proof
Persuasive writing
Winning debates
Overcoming objections
Intelligent risk taking
Generating ideas
Finding the good and potential in people
Emotional restraint
Embracing challenges and discomfort
Productive energy
Dealing with ambiguity
Service recovery – turning around customer dissatisfaction
Sidelining distractions
Triage – quickly prioritizing urgent work
Developing metrics and measurements
Root cause analysis – looking for the deeper cause of problems
Cutting costs
Dealing with constraints – delivering results with little time or budget
Challenging assumptions
Building on the ideas of others
Finding value in failure
Quick learner
Taking ownership
Commanding presence
Being genuine and direct
Poise under pressure
Establishing credibility
Challenging the status quo
Defeating resistance to change
Setting high expectations for yourself and others
Delivering to commitments
Delivering high quality work
Enthusiasm for your role / profession / industry
Clearing issues
Making timely decisions in an environment of ambiguity and change
Persuasive presentations
Visual storytelling
In many cases, it is possible to use original language to describe standard skills. For example, people almost always use the term "active listening" to describe listening strengths. This can be reframed in any number of unique ways such as "listening closely when people talk."

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Unique Strengths
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