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55 Examples of Work Achievements

Work achievements are identifiable value that you have contributed in a professional capacity. Ideally these can be measured with a number. The following are illustrative examples.


Generating revenue in any capacity including sales, marketing and customer service roles. This can include metrics that are close to revenue such as conversion rate.
Launched a line of organic tea products that generated $14.2 million in sales in their first 12 months on the market.
Improved sales conversion by 4%.
Upsold room upgrades to produce revenue of over $10,000 a month.
Handled hundreds of requests for service cancellation each month. Achieved customer retention of 30% for cancellation requests by pitching reduced fees and other incentives.

Cost Reduction

Reducing overhead or unit costs.
Retired a legacy system with a new platform. Reduced operational cost by $200,000 per annum.
Streamlined human resources processes to reduce HR overhead per employee to $2000 per annum. This represents a 77% reduction.
Improved the efficiency of packaging by introducing new box sizes. Reduced packaging cost by 3% and material consumed by 11%.
Implemented productivity metrics for coders working from home. This allowed the team to extend home work to 60% of hours saving $170,000 in office space per month.

Agent of Change

Change that you have initiated and pushed through.
Sponsored a project that reduced waiting time in the lobby that improved customer satisfaction by 9%.
Communicated urgent need for change to gain stakeholder approval for $2.4 million project.

Customer Service

Directly providing service or communicating to customers.
Closed 470 customer inquiries in a month, a record for our team.
Consistently achieved customer satisfaction ratings over 85% each month.
Checked in thousands of customers each month. Our counter achieved customer satisfaction ratings of 88%.

Closing Sales

A primary type of achievement for salespeople is to close sales and exceed quota.
Closed sales of 1.4 million in the quarter.
Closed monthly recurring revenue of $890,000.
Exceeded sales quota by 37%.
Selected as top performing salesperson in the software division for three years running.

Project Management

Managing the implementation of change.
Managed a project that improved the check-out process to schedule and budget. Reduced waiting time in lobby by 22% for the morning rush.
Managed a $800,000 IT Platform implementation project with a budget and schedule variance of +/- 1%.


Improvements to team processes or culture.
Recruited 19 software developers with 12 month retention of 100%.
Managed a team of 42 software developers, an opex budget of $1.1 million and capex budget of $3.4 million.
Increased employee satisfaction by 4% by improving work from home guidelines.
Pushed for an expanded mandate for team, achieving budget increases averaging 28% per annum over 8 years as manager.
Increased store sales by 35% by recruiting a talented customer service team and coaching them to refine their skills.
Scheduled and managed team meetings and improved meeting productivity with an efficient agenda and facilitation. Reduced late running meetings from 42% to 0%.


Communicating, managing relationships and influencing.
Achieved stakeholder satisfaction with project of 100%.
Spoke at more than 20 conferences and industry events to pitch the value of the platform. Developed more than 700 industry connections and introduced customers representing $7.7 million in sales.
Chaired governance meetings to review the security and architecture of 370 projects a year. Governed projects representing $750 million in capex.
Conducted internal compliance training for 400 employees with 85% of participants rating the training as useful.
Organized a corporate annual kick-off event for 1,600 attendees.

Work Quality

Improving the quality of products or your deliverables.
Represented customer concerns with product design team to push for design and quality improvements. Improved product rating from 3.1 to 4.4 out of 5 for a product with annual sales of $550,000.
Updated the team's business case template to include detailed stakeholder feedback and in-depth financial analysis. Achieved approval of 85% of projects as compared to 43% before these improvements.
Resolved 17 violations to achieve _____ compliance.


Creating new value. People commonly use design without thinking of themselves as designers.
Lead a redesign of the company intranet that increased use of the site by 40%.
Improved a budget report template to reduce hours-to-complete by 50% to 1.7 hours.
Designed a easy-to-use cardboard package for a product with sales of $900 million per annum.
Completed 23 designs in a year that represented $3.4 million in revenue.
Improved design quality to reduce average revision time by 34% to 3.2 days.
Redesigned an order-to-billing process to reduce cycle time by 230% to 4 business hours.


Directly implementing or maintaining platforms, systems, applications and scripts.
Architected an investment banking settlement system composed of hundreds of microservices. Achieved performance and resilience requirements with 100% uptime and maximum throughput of 200 million transactions a day.
Implemented a security script to detect unusual changes or access to a database.
Automated a billing reconciliation process that was consuming 450 hours of work a month.
Provided operational support for a critical revenue generating platform. Resolved 30 incidents with a mean-time-to-repair of 23 minutes.


The day-to-day productivity of your role.
Installed 15-20 elevators a month.
Customers were consistently pleased with my work and often asked for me by name when requesting service. Delivered projects worth $3,970,000 in 2028.
Applied 30+ security patches a month across more than 14,000 machines.
Delivered 3000+ requirements and a project charter for a large IT transformation project.
Managed over 1,000 service calls per month representing revenue in excess of $1 million.


Progressing as a professional or making admirable changes and improvements to your career.
Completed _______certification.
Returned to school on weekends to learn to code. Achieved average grade of 90.5% in six computer science courses at _________ University.
Promoted twice in three years from junior developer to senior developer to IT Manager.
Transitioned from engineering to sales where I closed sales of 1.3 million in my first year. This increased to $4.9 million last year.


Making the world a better place for people and planet.
Implemented a partner scorecard that rated working conditions at partner facilities. Disqualified 24 partners over 3 years based on working conditions to improve partner working condition score by 24%.
Reformulated packaged products to include less sugar without chemical additive replacements. Reduced sugar by 18% in 18 million units of product a year.
Replaced a harsh chemical cleaning agent with a process of high pressure washing with baking soda and water. Prevented 200 liters of chemical waste per month.


It is good to mention a number even if it isn't specifically your achievement. For example, the revenue generated by a product that you played some small role in launching, managing or improving.

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