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Augmented Reality
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Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Definition

Augmented Reality vs Augmented Virtuality

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

Digital Twin

16 Examples of Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is the blending of information, media, user interfaces and virtual entities with real world elements. This can involve creating electronic versions of the real things and places. Alternatively, it can involve introducing virtual elements into real environments. Augmented reality has a great number of commercial applications due to its ability to extend real things such as products, places and experiences. The following are illustrative examples.


Map labels displayed on your real time view of a street from your phone.


Game characters that appear in live video from a mobile device or that are projected into a room.


Visualizing design alternatives for buildings at the actual site where they will be built.


An app that allows customers to visualize furniture in their home at exact scale.

Window Displays

A department store window display incorporates a hologram of pedestrians as they pass. People commonly stop to interact with the display and it increases foot traffic to the store.


Advanced visualizations for education. When a teacher describes how a jet engine works, a 3D hologram of an engine floats in the air at the front of the class.


Live performances such as concerts that integrate virtual characters and effects.


An app that visualizes the location of avalanche rescue beacons under the snow.


A tool that allows a product designer to visualize their designs in the real world. For example, a headphone designer might want to see what a design looks like on different people without having to create a physical model.


Superimposing information over a surgeon’s view of the operative field such as labels of the exact location of a tumor.

Knowledge Tools

Productivity tools for knowledge processes such as the ability to pull up interactive 3D holograms of products in a meeting room.

Physical Tasks

An astronaut performing a maintenance task in space has instructions displayed in her view such as an arrow pointing to a leak in a hose.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a visualization of a real thing such as a jet engine in flight. If pilots report vibrations from an engine, maintenance teams can pull up a realtime visualization of the engine including a variety of systems and sensor information.


Sports broadcasts may be augmented with things that aren't actually on the field such as the first down line in American football.


Simulations of historical events at the place they occurred.


Augmented views of real life with communication tools such as subtitled translations of a foreign language as it is spoken.
Overview: Augmented Reality
Live integration of information, animations, media and sound into views of the real world.
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