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7 Examples of Autonomous Technology

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Autonomous technology is a class of technology that can respond to real world conditions without help. By definition, robots are autonomous or semi-autonomous. As such, the term autonomous technology is often applied to things that are technically robots but don't look like robots. The following are illustrative examples of autonomous technology.


A space probe that is able to deal with the surface of a planet to collect samples. For example, if the ground is too hard for digging, the probe will decide to move an area that looks softer.


A dam that can autonomously respond to conditions to maintain water levels in reservoirs and prevent flooding.


A small cart that is able to navigate sidewalks, people and traffic to make a last mile package delivery to a customer.


A vertical garden system that can handle variable conditions. For example, if a plant looks like it's unhealthy the system might try a variety of things to try to save it.


An artificial intelligence that resembles a conveyor belt that can automatically find reusable and recyclable materials in garbage.

Home Automation

A vacuum cleaner that can navigate irregular spaces, people and pets to clean a floor.


Windows that autonomously adapt to light levels to achieve goals such as heating, cooling, growing plants or achieving indoor light parameters set by users.
Overview: Autonomous Technology
Definition (1)
A class of technology that can respond to real world conditions without help.
Definition (2)
A robot that doesn't look like a robot.
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