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What is Immersive Design?

 , December 09, 2017
Immersive design is the process of designing things using immersive technology. This can include design tools based on virtual reality, mixed reality and digital twins.


Immersive technology tends to change the design process as it allows design concepts to be immediately experienced by the designer. This allows for more experimentation. Immersive design also has significant potential to involve users in the design process.

Immersive Experience

Immersive design is primarily associated with products and services that represent an immersive experience. For example, architects have used 3D animation to visualize buildings for decades. Other common areas of immersive design include games, entertainment, media, art and education.


Beyond immersive experiences, immersive design can be used to design regular products and services. For example, engineers use digital twins and a process known as virtual machining to visualize and test parts, components, machines, vehicles, systems and tools.


Immersive design is associated with the idea of media convergence. If you create a movie using a video-game like design tool it is natural that the movie becomes more like a video game. Immersive design may also lead to other types of technology convergence. For example, a digital item designed for a game that becomes a physical product sold in the real world.
Overview: Immersive Design
DefinitionThe process of designing things using immersive technology.
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