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Augmented Reality

7 Examples of Telepresence

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Telepresence is a user experience that allows a user to feel as if they are physically present in a remote location. This is often combined with augmented reality, to integrate virtual things such as a hologram into real environments such as a meeting room. The following are hypothetical examples.

Pervasive Gaming

Pervasive gaming is the integration of game elements into the real world. Telepresence can potentially be used to allow players to show up at remote locations where something is happening in the game.


Interacting in a meeting room as a hologram.

Digital Twin

Exploring a digital twin of a city to inspect infrastructure such as water systems.


The remote operation of a robot to perform tasks such as fighting a fire or repairing a submarine cable.


A surgeon uses a nanorobot to inspect the interior of a beating heart without operating on the patient.


The ability to interact in real remote places such as space without physically being there.

Customer Experience

The ability for customers to interact with real products without actually being in physical possession of them. For example, a customer is able to play with a mobile device that is physically located in a flagship showroom.
Overview: Telepresence
A user experience that allows a user to feel as if they are physically present in a remote location.
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