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What is Appeal To Accomplishment?

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Appeal to accomplishment is a persuasion technique that involves using the opinion of an accomplished individual as proof.


Appeal to accomplishment is a low type of persuasion technique that works well but is viewed as a form of name dropping. For example, quoting the opinion of a business person about a technology to support your own argument.


Appeal to accomplishment becomes a fallacy when you claim that someone has no right to talk about a topic until they have accomplished something in the field such as "when you win a Nobel Prize in physics, then come and talk about it."


Warren Buffet purchased this stock so it is a good investment.
If you know so much about music, why aren't you a famous rock star?
Overview: Appeal To Accomplishment
Definition (1)
Using the opinions or actions of an accomplished individual as proof.
Definition (2)
Interring that someone has no right to talk about a topic until they have accomplished something in the field.
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