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50+ Types of Faulty Reasoning

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Cherry Picking

The definition of cherry picking with examples.


The definition of presentism with examples.

Hindsight Bias

The definition of hindsight bias with examples.

Begging The Question

The definition of begging the question with examples.

Cognitive Biases

A list of common cognitive biases explained.

Curse Of Knowledge

Why experts have trouble communicating.

Optimism Bias

An overview of optimism bias, including its surprising benefits.

Decoy Effect

A cognitive bias that is well known in marketing circles.

Biases vs Heuristics

The difference between biases and heuristics.

Functional Fixedness

A definition of functional fixedness with examples.

Boil The Frog

A definition of boil the frog, with examples.

Anecdotal Evidence

The definition of anecdotal evidence with examples.


The definition of scientism with examples.
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