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50+ Logic Terms

 , July 29, 2016
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Limits Of Logic

If logic's strength is its correctness, its limitations are related to its range.

Law Of Excluded Middle

A classical law of logic first established by Aristotle.


An argument that can be shown to be wrong using logic.

Cold Logic

Logic that fails to consider human factors.


A few well known methods of reasoning.

Logic vs Intelligence

The difference between logic and intelligence.


The definition of causality with examples.

Magical Thinking

The definition of magical thinking with examples.


The definition of scientism with examples.


A list of logical fallacies.

Mutually Exclusive

The definition of mutually exclusive with examples.

False Balance

The definition of false balance with examples.

Thought Processes

A list of thinking approaches and types.

Cognitive Biases

A list of common cognitive biases explained.

Abstract Ideas

A few dangers of being too abstract.

Objective vs Subjective

The difference between objective and subjective.

Intellectual Diversity

A definition of intellectual diversity with examples.

Creative Value

The definition of creative value with examples.

Anecdotal Evidence

The definition of anecdotal evidence with examples.

Benefit Of Doubt

The definition of benefit of doubt with examples.


The definition of pessimism with examples.
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