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6 Examples of the Practical

Practical describes thinking and actions that are concerned with doing real things in the real world in the most efficient and direct way possible. The following are illustrative examples.

Practical vs Theoretical

Practical thinking is primarily contrasted with theoretical thinking. A practical thinker is concerned with doing specific things such as pulling weeds from a lawn. A theoretical thinker is concerned with big picture questions such as developing a new taxonomy for species of plants such as grass.

Practical vs Overthinking

The practical are primarily concerned with efficiency and are unlikely to overthink things. For example, they might solve a weed problem in their lawn by replacing the lawn with concrete without thinking about things like aesthetics, social status, neighborhood spirit, environment or quality of life that complicate the decisions of the less practical.

Practical vs Cultural

Culture captures elements of the human experience that are expressive and joyful. These are often inspired, seemingly irrational and completely impractical. For example, a traditional festival that involves riding huge logs down a hillside at considerable risk to the safety of participants. Culture loves the idiosyncratic side of human thinking and rejects the practical. This can be seen in areas such as art -- a practical artist that paints scenes exactly like a photograph might be viewed as uninspired by an art scene that embraces creative interpretations of reality.

Practical vs Stylish

The practical are concerned with functionality and are unconcerned with style. For example, an individual who wears old dependable rain boots to a trendy nightclub because it is raining out.

Practical vs Minimalism

Minimalism is the aggressive embrace of the practical with the claim that this is the ultimate style. For example, an interior decorator who produces white featureless rooms as an aesthetic "ideal" that is also quite functional along the lines of form follows function.

Practical vs Pragmatic

Pragmatism is a flexible approach to things that is only concerned with results. This is slightly different from practical thinking. For example, the pragmatic might wear stylish but affordable shoes in the rain to a nightclub because they would consider the broader aesthetic and social aspects of their fashion in addition to the practical concerns of weather.
Overview: Practical
Thinking and actions that are concerned with doing real things in the real world in the most efficient and direct way possible.
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