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36 Examples of Logistics

Logistics is the end-to-end process of moving goods. This is a complex operation that involves elements such as warehousing, order fulfillment, transport and clearing customs. The following are common examples of logistics.
Cold Chain
Construction Logistics
Customs Clearance / Customs Brokers
Disposal / Waste Logistics
Distribution - getting goods to the consumer
Distribution Centers
Emergency Logistics - e.g. delivering humanitarian aid
Export Management - handling the documentation and compliance tasks for moving goods between countries
Fleet Management
Freight Forwarders - organizes shipments for a fee
Inbound Transport
Inventory Management
Last Mile Delivery
Liquid Logistics
Material Handling
Order Fulfillment
Order Management
Outbound Transport
Package Handling
Package Sorting
Package Tracking
Packaging / Boxing / Labeling
Procurement / Purchasing
Production Logistics - logistics for manufacturing and other production processes
Retail Logistics
Reverse Logistics
Service Provisioning - e.g. installing an internet connection in a building
Shrinkage Prevention
Space Logistics - e.g. supplying a space station
Cold chain is an unbroken chain of cold transport and storage for goods such as ice cream.
Shrinkage refers to goods that go missing in the supply chain.
Last mile refers to delivering things to the door of the consumer.
Reverse logistics moves goods from their usual destination back to their usual source. For example, from customer to retailer.
The term logistics can also be used more generally to refer to the management of any complex operation.
Overview: Logistics Examples
Definition (1)
The end-to-end process of moving goods.
Definition (2)
Management of a complex operation.
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