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All content on Simplicable is copyrighted and can not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or translated without written permission.

Can I use your content?

Generally no. We do occasionally give permission to republish for educational purposes. You can request written permission here.

Can I translate your articles to another language?

Generally no. We are currently working on translating articles into several languages. We reserve rights to our content in all languages. If you have a worthy educational project feel free to contact us for special written permission.

What is your link policy?

Please feel free to cite Simplicable as a reference. Our URLs are canonical and permanent.

What about your photos?

A number of photographers have contributed to Simplicable over the years. As a result, each photograph on Simplicable has different copyright conditions. If you would like to use some of our photos it is necessary to request written permission. Please specify the photos you wish to use and provide an overview of how they will be used.
In many cases, Simplicable indicates a photo on our site is the copyright of a third party. In such cases you should ask the third party directly for permission to use their photo.

Creative Commons Licensed Photos

Simplicable greatly appreciates the many fine photographers who make their works available under a Creative Commons license.
We have strict controls in place to ensure that credit is given to photographers. Contributors are permitted to upload CC photos to Simplicable. They must credit the photo and comply with the CC license terms. Each page has an attribution link just above the footer titled "View credits & copyrights for this page".

My Copyright Appears On Simplicable

Simplicable strictly adheres to all copyright laws. We actively monitor the site for user posted content that may violate copyright.
If you have any copyright concerns please contact us with a detailed message that includes the name and contact details of the copyright holder. Please include the url of the original content and the url on Simplicable.
Very rarely, Simplicable uses copyrighted images under the spirit of fair use. For any copyright concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

My Face Is On Your Site

Simplicable is sensitive to the privacy of individuals. We try not to display images in a way that will embarrass anyone. If you're not comfortable with your face on Simplicable let us know and we will take it down.
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