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10 Examples of Reverse Logistics

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Reverse logistics is any process that involves moving things from the customer back to the producer. This includes business processes that involve transport from distribution endpoints such as retail locations back in the supply chain to locations such as warehouses and factories. The following are common types of reverse logistics.


Handling customer returns of goods such as claims under a warranty.

Returns Avoidance

Processes that seek to minimize returns such as support websites or local repair shop partners.


Building products with a combination of reused, repaired and new parts.


Reconditioning used goods for resale.


The use of durable packaging that is reused by continuously returning it backwards in the supply chain. This may include packages that the customer uses and returns such as beverage bottles.

Unsold Goods

In some cases, unsold goods may be returned by distribution partners according to the terms of their contract.


Accepting goods at the end of their life for reuse and recycling.

Delivery Failure

Deliveries that don't complete such as refusal of delivery by customers.

Rentals & Leasing

Customers returning things that are on loan such as an equipment rental.

Repairs & Maintenance

Returning things to the producer for repair and maintenance.
Overview: Reverse Logistics
Business processes that involve moving things from the customer back to the producer.
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