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 , February 21, 2023
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A list of common types of materials.


An overview of construction with a list of examples.

Construction Materials

A list of common construction materials.

Gold Things

A list of common gold things.

Silver Things

A list of common silver things.

Wood Things

A list of things made with wood.

Metal Things

A list of things that are made with metal.

Wood Products

A list of wood products.

Mineral Products

A list of mineral products.

Found Objects

A list of common found objects.

Clear Things

A list of clear things.

Architectural Materials

An overview of architectural materials with examples.

Glass Things

A list of glass things.


An overview of the common types of wood with photos.

Bamboo Wood

A complete overview of bamboo wood.

Natural Materials

An a-z list of natural materials.

Raw Materials

A list of common raw materials.
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