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52 Examples of Construction

Construction is the practice of building, maintaining and improving relatively large physical structures. This includes the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, facilities and land improvements. Construction also builds public works, infrastructure and specialized structures such as tunnels. The following are examples of construction including different types of structure and subcontracting work.
Agricultural Construction
Civil Engineering
Commercial Construction
Commercial Maintenance & Repair
Diy Construction
Drywall / Taping / Plaster
Elevator / Escalator Systems
Energy Infrastructure Construction
Energy Systems (e.g. solar panels)
Environmental Remediation
Fence Construction
Finish Carpentry
Fire Systems
Foundation Construction
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Heavy Engineering
Heavy-Timber Construction
Historical Restoration
Home Renovations
Home Repair
Hotel Construction
Industrial Construction
Infrastructure Construction
Infrastructure Maintenance & Repair
Ironwork / Steelwork / Steel Framing
Landscape Construction
Masonry / Tile
Mining Construction
Non-residential Construction
Offshore Construction
Rail Construction
Residential Construction (home building)
Security Systems
Small Structures
Space Construction
Temporary Construction
Traditional Construction
Transportation Construction
Underground / Tunnel Construction
Waste Management Construction
Water Infrastructure Construction
Windows & Doors
Civil engineering is a broad term for relatively large scale construction and maintenance works such as coastal engineering projects.
Deconstruction is the process of salvaging valuable components and materials from a building before it is demolished. In theory, it is possible to completely deconstruct a building if it has been designed for it. This is likely to be a growth industry due to environmental concerns and interest in reuse.
Environmental remediation is the process of cleaning up environmental damage or restoring ecosystems. This often involves construction and landscaping work.
Temporary construction is the process of assembling structures that have a limited lifespan. This typically requires that structures are deconstructable.
Traditional construction is the process of building according to a tradition and culture. For example, building log cabins that are consistent with historical designs.
Space construction is the emerging field of constructing structures in space.

Construction Industry

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Labor Skills
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