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88 Examples of Winter Experiences

Winter is an oddly unpopular season that is nevertheless filled with holidays, culture, festivals, past times, sport, activities, breathtaking natural phenomenon and opportunities to explore. Winter activities often involve the slight discomfort of being cold that is often followed by the comfort of warming up. The slight adversity associated with many winter activities can be viewed as thrilling and character building. The following are common winter experiences.
Baking Cookies / Winter Desserts
Bonfire Cooking
Candles / Candle Making
Chopping Firewood
Christmas Displays / Windows
Christmas Markets / Winter Markets
Christmas Parades
Christmas Traditions / Holiday Traditions
Christmas Tree-trimming
Collecting / Photographing Icicles
Cross Country Skiing
Figure Skating
Fireplace Conversations / Reading
Frozen Waterfalls
Game Nights / Indoor Activities
Hanukkah Traditions
Hot Chocolate / Hot Beverages
Hot Springs / Onsen
Hot Tubs
Ice / Snow Lanterns
Ice Fishing
Ice Hockey
Ice Hotels / Ice Bars
Ice Sculpture
Knitting Winter Mittens / Hats
Kwanzaa Traditions
Light Festivals
Making a Fondue
Making a Gingerbread House
Making a Snowman
Making an Outdoor Ice Rink
New Years Eve / New Years
Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis
Playing King of the Snow Hill
Preparing / Enjoying Winter Foods Such as Stews
Putting up Christmas / Holiday Decorations
Researching Animal Tracks in Snow
Seeing Your Breath
Shovelling Snow
Snow Angels
Snow Biking
Snow Castles
Snow Days
Snow Forts
Snow Golf
Snow Long Jumping
Snow Mazes
Snow Obstacle Courses
Snow Pretend Play (e.g. baking cookies that are actually snow discs)
Snow Slides
Snow Treasure Hunt
Snow Tubing
Snowball Fights
Snowball Targets
Staying in a Chalet / Winter Home
Street Hockey
Travel to Alpine Regions
Valentine’s Day
Watching American Football / Hockey
Winter / Holiday Crafts (e.g. wreaths)
Winter Attractions (e.g. frozen canals)
Winter BBQ
Winter Camping / Glamping
Winter Festivals / Carnivals
Winter Gardening
Winter Hiking
Winter Holidays
Winter Olympics
Winter Research / Experiments (e.g. tossing water into cold air)
Winter Running
Winter Scavenger Hunt
Winter Solstice Traditions
Winter Stargazing
Winter Storms
Winter Swimming / Polar Bear Plunges
Some of the activities above are dangerous undertaken without proper training, equipment, diligence, care, local know-how, professional assistance and risk management. For example, ice-floating is available as an organized activity in several Northern European nations but isn't the type of thing that would be safe to do yourself without the requisite knowledge, training, experience and equipment.


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