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What is a Bicycle Boulevard?

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A bicycle boulevard is a street that allows local vehicle traffic but is prioritized for bicycles and other non-motorized travel. Cities may position these as inexpensive ways to reduce gridlock and improve air quality. The following are common elements of a bicycle boulevard.


Bicycle boulevards require enforceable rules that give bicycles and other non-motorized traffic priority use of the road.


Signs, road markings and awareness campaigns that make the bicycle boulevard system clear. Road markings often feel like a bicycle lane with no center line.

Traffic Calming

Bicycle boulevards have low speed limits designed to keep vehicles to a similar speed as bicycles. Traffic calming features may be introduced to slow vehicular traffic but allow bicycles to pass uninterrupted.

Traffic Reduction

Traffic reduction infrastructure such as traffic diverters that block some entrances to the bicycle boulevard for vehicles but allow bicycles to pass.

Useful Routes

Easy to follow routes that act as bicycle throughfares between high traffic spots such as train stations, business districts, commercial districts and schools. Ideally, bicycle boulevards are based on desire paths.

Traffic Control & Safety

Traffic control such as lights and intersections designed for bicycles. Safety features such as smooth road surfaces and sewer grates that are bicycle-safe.
Overview: Bicycle Boulevard
A street that allows local vehicle traffic but is prioritized for bicycles and other non-motorized travel.
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Lindsay Walker, Mike Tresidder, Mia Birk; Fundamentals of Bicycle Boulevard Planning & Design, Portland State University, July 2009.


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