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What is an Aqueduct?

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An aqueduct is any system designed to transport water. Common types of aqueduct include pipes, canals, ditches, tunnels, water bridges and pipelines. These are used to supply cities with water and to irrigate agricultural land.


The first large scale aqueducts were constructed by ancient Rome as early as the 7th century BC. Water transport is one of the first things that a city needs and it was common for ancient civilizations to construct extensive systems of aqueducts.


The Colorado River Aqueduct takes water from the Colorado River and delivers it to the Los Angeles area. It runs for 242 miles or 389 kilometers and is the primary water supply for Southern California.
Overview: Aqueduct
Water Supply System
City Infrastructure
Any system designed to transport water including pipes, pipelines, canals, tunnels, water bridges and ditches.
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