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84 Examples of Quality Of Life

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Quality of life is the well-being of individuals, communities and societies. This is a comprehensive measure that can be used to evaluate efforts to improve cities and nations. The following are examples of things that impact quality of life.
Access to education
Access to information, knowledge & research tools
Access to justice
Access to places of scenic beauty
Access to quiet places
Access to stimulating places with noise and visual variety
Air quality
Civic engagement
Clean water
Community life
Community ties
Creative expression
Cultural experiences
Cultural freedom
Digital freedom
Economic opportunity
Economic stability
Education quality
Enjoyment of nature
Extracurricular & enrichment opportunities
Family life
Financial security
Free time
Freedom from crime
Freedom from debt
Freedom from discrimination
Freedom from oppression
Freedom from pollution & environmental degradation
Freedom from poverty
Freedom of movement
Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
Freedom to pursue happiness
Freedom to take calculated risks
Full participation in the human experience
Healthy food
Housing quality
Job opportunities
Job satisfaction
Learning opportunities
Leisure time
Meaningful work
Mental health
Opportunity to develop talents
Political rights
Political stability
Positive relationships
Professional & career opportunity
Pursuit of adventure
Pursuit of aesthetics and style
Pursuit of art & performance art
Pursuit of hobbies & interests
Pursuit of music, film and media
Pursuit of nightlife
Pursuit of personal growth
Rich education options & choices
Right to play
Rule of law
Savings & investments
Security of person
Sense of purpose
Sleep quality
Social connectedness
Social opportunities
Social stability
Spiritual life
Sports & games
Tradition & heritage
Transportation quality
Travel opportunities
Vibrant cultural life
Working conditions
Workplace safety


Average life expectancy, low infant mortality and access to quality healthcare.

Air Quality

Air that is relatively free of particulates and other air pollution.

Water Quality

A resilient supply of clean water that is free of contaminants and chemical pollution.

Food Quality

Access to a resilient, diverse and healthy supply of food.

Standard of Living

Wealth and material comfort.


Basic literacy, education level and access to education.


Access to knowledge resources such as an open internet, books and research tools.


The self-reported happiness of individuals. It is difficult to say that a city or nation has a high quality of life if everyone is unhappy.


Risks related to crime and accidents such as traffic accidents or workplace injury.

Freedom from Fear

How safe you feel to take an evening walk.


A sense of attachment and comradery with those around you.

Freedom of Speech

Speaking your mind without fear of retaliation by government or organizations such as a political movement.

Human Rights

Inalienable rights such as life, personal liberty and freedom of religion.

Legal Rights

Basic legal rights such as due process.


The right to communicate and live aspects of your life unobserved and unrecorded as you choose.

Public Space

Access to green spaces, areas of exceptional nature such as beaches and land that can be used for sports, recreation, social interaction and personal reflection.


A life surrounded by culture such as food, architecture, music, fashion, film and art.

Profession & Creativity

Professional satisfaction and the ability to produce and create.

Physical Activity

Robust expressions of health such as walking, jogging or dancing.


Access to transportation that isn't stressful or time-consuming.


Living close to the things you need. For example, a long commute is often cited as having an impact on quality of life.


Living in a community that is resilient to disaster and decline.


The knowledge that your actions aren't damaging other people or the environment.


Quality of life is how satisfied an individual is with their life. This is a subjective thing that tends to be influenced by factors such as income, lifestyle, relationships, safety, life opportunities and experiences. Quality of life is both influenced by the society and place where you live and your personal situation in life such as your family or level of education.


The following are common factors that may contribute to quality of life.


Quality of life is subjective and is estimated with a simple survey question such as "How satisfied are you with life?" If someone isn't happy, you can't very well tell them that you've calculated that they're wrong. As such, asking is the only reasonable way to calculate this as a metric.
Definition: Quality Of Life
The well-being of individuals in a community.
Evaluating initiatives to improve cities and nations.
Comparing cities and nations for purposes such as work relocation.
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Quality Of Life

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