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30+ Urban Design Terms

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Urban Design

This is the complete list of articles we have written about urban design.
Blue Roof
Butterfly Roof
Clean Air Zone
Deep Water Cooling
District Heating
Green Infrastructure
Last Mile
Living Street
Public Spaces
Street Canyon
Tactical Urbanism
Transition Design
Types Of Design
Urban Design
Urban Reforestation
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Urban Design Principles

A list of common urban design principles.

Living Street

An overview of living streets.

Public Spaces

A few interesting types of public space.

Sustainable Urban Design

A list of sustainable urban design techniques.

Urban Design Elements

Common elements of a city.

Green Walls vs Green Facades

The difference between a green wall and green facade.

Passive Design vs Active Design

The difference between active and passive design.

Parti Pris

An overview of parti pris in architecture with an example.

City Issues

A list of common city issues.

Community Problems

A list of common community problems.

Things In Cities

An a-z list of things in cities.

City Types

An list of the common types of city.

Existential Risk

An overview of existential risk.

Precautionary Principle

An overview of the precautionary principle.

Comparative Risk

A definition of comparative risk with examples.

Energy Efficiency

The common types of energy efficiency.

External Stakeholders

The definition of external stakeholder with examples.

Economic Bad

Common examples of an economic bad.


The definition of win-lose with examples.

Climate Engineering

An overview of climate engineering.

Soil Carbon

Why carbon soil is important.
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