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What is Ars Longa?

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Ars longa, vita brevis is Latin for "art is long, life is short." This was coined by the Greek physician Hippocrates in his work Aphorismi. The phase is variously used in time management and creative industries as follows:

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Life is short, and Art long; the crisis fleeting; experience perilous, and decision difficult. The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants, and externals cooperate.
The full quote from Hippocrates is an appeal to urgency that calls for quick and decisive decisions under difficult circumstances and to demonstrate leadership to bring others forward with you.

Ars Longa

Ars Longa is used in creative industries to describe the economics of creativity. A musician who publishes a brilliant song might collect significant royalties for the rest of their life. In other words, the value of art can last for an extremely long time. It is possible for a work such as a painting to be enjoyed for decades, centuries and millennia.
Overview: Ars Longa
Art is long, life is short
Definition (1)
Time limits success and it is important to work quickly and productively.
Definition (2)
The value of art can outlast the artist.
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