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60 Examples of Marketing Problems

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Marketing problems are issues that may prevent a business from achieving commercial goals such as revenue, margins and market share. These can include problems related to your products, services, brands, offers, partners, business model, pricing, promotions, distribution channels and sales. The following are illustrative examples of marketing problems.
Inability to measure ROI for marketing initiatives
Low traffic
Brand lacks emotional appeal
Business model disrupted by new technology
Business model disrupted by social or cultural change
Customer attrition due to price competition
Customer attrition due to quality issues
Customer experience shortfalls such as poor packaging
Customers don't recognize your value proposition
Customer service issues
Customers pausing purchases due to upcoming product releases
Directly competing with stronger brands without a unique selling proposition that resonates with customers
Discounts have resulted in a loss of brand status
Inability to close sales
Inability to generate publicity to promote products
Inability to test offers
Inability to test prices
Inadequate advertising
Inconsistent customer experience resulting in few loyal customers
Increased costs that force you to increase prices resulting in declining sales
Ineffective advertising channels or partners
Ineffective partner incentives
Ineffective price promotions
Ineffective sales incentives
Ineffective social media marketing
Ineffective targeting of advertising and promotions
Intensive price competition
Lack of consistency across channels
Lack of product bundling, upselling and cross-selling
Lack of product information and support
Limited distribution channels
Limited total addressable market
Loss of channel partners
Low conversion rates
Low response to promotional efforts
Low performance of partners
Low quality leads
Low quality traffic
Low stock or operational inability to meet demand
Negative customer perceptions
Negative publicity
New products that fail to generate demand
No brand recognition
No differentiation in pricing strategy
No realistic plan to increase customer loyalty
Overpricing that results in revenue declines
Poor branding e.g. visual branding that's unremarkable
Poor data quality or ineffective systems
Poor inventory management
Poor order fulfillment that causes customer dissatisfaction
Poor rankings and reviews
Poor sales
Product quality or usability issues
Products / brand lack a clear target market
Products serve no clear customer need
Sales teams with limited product knowledge
Unclear or unhelpful product descriptions
Underpricing that results in poor margins
Understanding why offers aren't working
Failure to adapt promotions and products for success in foreign markets.


Marketing problems are issues that prevent you from reaching goals in areas such as sales, promotion, pricing, branding and customer relationships. This often revolves around competition, market change and a lack of information and measurement.
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