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110 Types of Business Analysis

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Business analysis is the practice of developing business strategies, plans, solutions and studies based on research. A business analyst doesn't typically own a strategy, plan or project but is tasked with capturing the needs of business and developing solutions and recommendations. The following are common types of business analysis.
Acceptance criteria
Brand guidelines
Budget planning
Business cases
Business continuity plans
Business experiments
Business needs analysis
Business plans
Business process modeling
Business process re-engineering
Business rules
Capability analysis
Capacity analysis
Change impact assessment
Change management plans
Change requests
Communication plans
Competitive analysis
Concept mapping
Conversion analysis
Cost and schedule estimates
Cost-benefit analysis
Crisis management plans
Customer analysis
Customer feedback analysis
Customer interviews
Customer needs & perceptions
Customer retention plans
Data analysis
Decision criteria
Decision modeling
Decision rationales
Developing presentations
Facilitating issue clearing
Feasibility analysis & prototypes
Financial analysis
Focus groups
Functional requirements
Gap analysis
Go-to-market strategies
Heat maps
Impact analysis
Internal standards
Inventory analysis
Market research and analysis
Marketing plans
Metrics & KPIs
Mind mapping
Non-functional requirements
Operational plans
Operational requirements
Org charts
Performance analysis
Predictive modeling
Pricing analysis
Problem analysis
Problem statements
Process improvement plans
Procurement plans
Product development plans
Product management plans
Product positioning analysis
Product roadmaps
Project charters
Quality control plan
RACI matrix - listing stakeholders who are to be responsible, accountable, consulted and informed
Requirements gathering
Requirements traceability
Return on investment
Risk analysis
Risk assessment
Risk management plans
Risk registers
Root cause analysis
SWOT analysis
Sales forecasting
Sales plans
Scenario planning
Social media analysis
Stakeholder analysis
Strategic plans
Succession plans
Supply chain management plans
Task analysis
Technical specification development
Test cases
Test plan development
Traceability matrix
Trend analysis – identifying trends in data
Use cases
User acceptance plans
User manual development
User stories
Value chain analysis
Vendor analysis
Vendor management plans
Vendor performance analysis
Visualizing data
Voice of the customer
What-if analysis
Work procedures
Workflow analysis
Workforce planning

Business Analysis

This is the complete list of articles we have written about business analysis.
Audience Analysis
Behavioral Requirements
Best In Class
Black Box
Brand Analysis
Budget Planning
Business Analysis
Business Architecture
Business Attributes
Business Case
Business Conditions
Business Models
Business Needs
Business Needs Analysis
Business Plan
Business Requirements
Business Rules
Business Strategy
Business Swot
Business Theory
Capacity Planning
Choice Architecture
Competitive Intelligence
Context Of Use
Cost Benefit Analysis
Success Factors
Data Analysis
Data Dredging
Data Mining
Decision Analysis
External SWOT
Feasibility Analysis
Fishbone Diagram
Gap Analysis
Ishikawa Diagrams
Management Accounting
Market Research
Needs Analysis
Net Present Value
Operations Analysis
Organizing Principle
Pain Points
Performance Analysis
Problem Analysis
Productivity Analysis
Project Charter
Proof Of Concept
Qualitative Analysis
Requirements Gathering
Scenario Planning
Situation Analysis
Statement Of Work
Statistical Analysis
Story Points
Strategic Drivers
SWOT Analysis
Technology Analysis
Terms Of Reference
Total Cost Of Ownership
Use Case
User Stories
Voice Of The Customer
What-if Analysis
Workflow Analysis
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