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109 Examples of Data

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Data is the representation of meaning in a format machines understand. This is generated by research, human creativity, sensors, transactions, digital interactions, calculations and artificial intelligence. Data is used to make decisions, solve problems, drive automation, execute transactions, entertain, inform and secure. Data is an increasingly political and controversial issue. Particularly large stores of personally identifiable data that can be tied to people. The following are everyday examples of data.
Account names
Agriculture crop data
Aircraft flight recorders
Audit logs
Billing data
Bills and invoices
Biographical data
Calculated data - e.g. a customer score
Census data
Class notes
Contact lists
Credit card transactions
Customer databases
Customer feedback
DNA data
Data of birth
Digital advertising data
Digital books
Digital newspapers
Digital photographs
Digital signatures
Digital videos
Digitized versions of paper documents
Direct messages
Documents e.g. a word document
Email addresses
Emergency call data
Error reports from a computer or mobile device
Error reports from a smart device
Experiment data
Financial accounting
Financial information e.g. income or account balance
Financial metrics e.g. price to earnings ratio for a company
Financial transactions
Fitness tracker data
Flight data
GPS coordinates
Geographical information systems
Government budgets
IP addresses
Id numbers e.g. social security numbers
Ingredient lists for products
Insurance claims
Job postings
Library loan data
Logs on a computer or mobile device
Maintenance data
Medical records
Meeting minutes
Movie box office data
Movie reviews
Musical recordings
Online shopping history
Personally identifiable data - any data that can be tied to named person
Phone call logs
Poll results
Power consumption data
Press releases
Price lists
Product databases
Product descriptions on ecommerce
Product ratings on ecommerce
Product reviews on ecommerce
Public records
Registration data e.g. vehicle registration
Report cards
Reports e.g. project status reports
Robot data e.g. position data or sensor readings
Sales data
Scientific papers
Search history
Seismographic network data i.e. earthquake recording data
Sensor readings
Social media following or friend lists
Social media likes
Social media posts
Sports statistics
Stock data e.g. price history
Streaming media
Streaming media viewing history
Streaming music
Student exams, tests and papers
Student grades
Student records
Surveillance video
Survey results
Tax filings
Traffic data
Transaction databases
User interaction data e.g. how you move your mouse
Vehicle data
Video game data
Visitor data e.g. for a theme park
Voice recordings
Weather data
Web browser history
Wildlife tracking data


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