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Consumer Issues

50 Examples of Consumer Issues

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Consumer issues are problems, injustices and grievances related to the purchase of goods and services by individuals and households. These can arise due to deceptive or unfair practices and failures of producers such as low quality and poor customer service. The following are common consumer issues.
Aggressive sales tactics
Bait and switch
Breach of privacy
Complex billing
Complex contracts
Counterfeit products
Data breaches
Deceptive financing practices
Deceptive pricing strategies
Defective products
Delayed delivery
Delays & cancellations
Difficulty in canceling
Difficulty in obtaining refunds
Difficulty in scheduling appointments
Difficulty redeeming gift cards
Discriminatory practices
Failure to complete work
Failure to honor bookings or reservations
Failure to meet service deadlines
Fake reviews
False product claims
Hidden fees
Inadequate customer service
Inconsistent information
Insufficient product labeling
Lack of choice
Long waiting times
Misleading advertising
Non-disclosure of product risks
Planned obsolescence
Poor after-sales service
Poor quality products
Poor transparency
Poor usability
Price gouging
Product defects
Service failures and downtime
Shoddy repair work
Unauthorized changes to contracts
Unauthorized charges
Unethical business practices
Unfair contracts
Unfriendly and unhelpful service
Unreliable warranties
Unsafe products
Unsolicited calls and messages
Vendor lock-in
Bait and switch
is promising one thing and delivering another. For example, promising a free service that is then automatically converted to a paid service.
Lack of choice relates to monopolies that control a market that have purchased or suppressed most other competition.
Planned obsolescence is a product or service designed to stop working such that it will require expensive upgrades.
Price gouging is the practice of taking advantage of an emergency by raising prices.
Vendor lock-in relates to products and services that make it difficult to switch to a competitor. For example, software that doesn't allow you to export your data.


Consumer issues are problems, issues and grievances that occur in the purchase of goods and services by consumers. Governments may actively work to solve these issues with consumer protection regulations and enforcement.
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