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30 Examples of Go-To-Market Strategy

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A go-to-market strategy is a plan to bring a product or service to market to achieve initial objectives such as a target level of revenue and market penetration. This can include a large number of considerations including market research, product positioning, operations, customer service, distribution, promotion, sales and pricing. The following are basic examples of what's involved in a go-to-market strategy.
Product objectives – market targets such as a level of market penetration
Market research
Competitive analysis
Identification of target markets
Value proposition
Product positioning
Branding strategy
Packaging design
Operational planning
Operations training
Customer service planning
Public relations such as press releases
Sales planning
Sales training
Lead generation
Marketing plan
Promotional strategy
Developing creative content such as advertisements
Promotional event planning
Marketing collaterals
Distribution strategy
Pricing strategy
Customer experience strategy
Launch strategy
Marketing measurement and key performance indicators
Marketing optimization
Continuous improvement of products, services and customer experience
Customer feedback
Customer advocacy – using customer feedback to drive improvement
The line between product development and go-to-market isn't always clear. For example, product development must consider product positioning but this may be reconsidered when thinking about how to actually promote and sell the product.
Go-to-market strategy remains in play after launch until go-to-market goals are met such as initial revenue and market penetration. At some point there is a hand-off to product marketing and product management processes.


A go-to-market strategy is a plan to launch a product and achieve some initial level of sales. This may be a coordinated effort across teams that can include sales, promotion, distribution and operational efforts.
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