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What is a RACI Matrix?

 , updated on March 20, 2017
A RACI matrix is a chart that maps activities, tasks and deliverables to stakeholders. For each item, stakeholders are either responsible, accountable, consulted or informed. These are generally defined as follows:


The persons who deliver the work. Responsibility can be delegated and it is common for multiple people to be responsible.


The person who is answerable for the work and related risks. Accountability can't be delegated. Only one person is accountable for a task or activity.


A person who is given the opportunity to contribute to a work. For example, they would be invited to meetings to plan the work.


A person who isn't involved in the work but is notified of its status.


As illustrated in the following example roles such as "Project Manager" are typically used as opposed to a person's name. Accountability implies responsibility if nobody is listed as responsible.
Overview: RACI Matrix
A chart that maps activities, tasks and deliverables to the responsible, accountable, consulted and informed stakeholders.
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