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47 Examples of Community Space

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A community space is a public facility or outdoor space that can be used by members of a community. This includes spaces that are open to all community members such as a park and spaces that are normally reserved for specific members of the community such as a school or seniors center. Community spaces are often multipurpose and used for various activities and events. This may involve a booking system or a first-come-first-serve model. The following are common types of community space.
Barbecue areas
Basketball courts
Blue spaces
Co-working spaces
Community centers
Community gardens
Community kitchens
Conference centers
Conference rooms
Creative spaces such as reuse cafes
Dog parks
Event and banquet halls
Farmers markets
Flea markets
Hiking trails
Ice rinks
Lecture halls
Linear parks
Living Streets
Meeting spaces
Music venues
Outdoor seating areas
Performing arts facilities
Picnic areas
Play Streets
Public colleges and universities
Public squares
Recreation centers
Senior centers
Skate parks
Sports fields
Sports stadiums
Swimming pools
Tennis courts
Town halls
Urban forests
Volleyball courts
Youth centers
Some nations, cities or neighborhoods have unique types of community space such as the void decks of Singapore or the woonerf of the Netherlands.
Most community space is government owned but there are circumstances where private facilities are community space. For example, building developments may be required to create community space that is open to the public according to local rules in some areas.
Commercial entities such as cafes may also act as de facto community spaces despite being privately owned.
In many cases, non-commercial and non-government entities own community spaces such as a museum owned by a foundation. This can only be viewed as a community space where access to the facility is open and inexpensive.
Community space can be viewed as a right and freedom. For example, freedom of movement and freedom of assembly require community spaces. Children also have a right to play that requires play spaces.
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