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50 Examples of Infrastructure

Infrastructure are the foundational services that underlie the economic efficiency and quality of life of a nation, city, region, organization or household. Infrastructure is a primary way to explain the differences in economic efficiency between nations. This can include public services such as education that underpin economic and social processes that create high quality of life in a place. The following are common examples of infrastructure.
Broadcast Services
Coastal Structures
Communication Services
Consumer Protection
Cycling Paths
Delivery Services
Disaster Resilience Structures
Electrical Grids
Financial Markets
Financial Systems
Firefighting Services
Green Roofs
Green Space
Information Services
Internet Services
Irrigation Systems
Justice Systems
Long-term Care Facilities
Medical Labs
Police Services
Postal Services
Public Lighting
Public Space
Recreational Facilities
Recycling Services
Research Facilities
Science Facilities
Solar Panels
Technology Platforms
Train Services
Train Stations
Waste Management Services
Water Services
Wind Turbines
Historically, infrastructure was defined as the basic physical systems of a business or nation. This is outdated and is not relevant to modern infrastructure or business. For example, foundational cloud services that underpin business systems are viewed as infrastructure but certainly aren't physical.
Physical infrastructure such as roads are essentially services whereby they are come with services such as traffic control and maintenance.
The classification of what constitutes infrastructure changes with time as an economy advances. For example, payment services offered by financial institutions may have been viewed as regular services when they were first introduced but may become infrastructure as they begin to underpin more and more economic activity.
Nations may view entire industries as critical infrastructure. For example, the transportation or agricultural industry that are both required to feed populations.


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