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30+ Urban Planning Terms

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Urban planning is the practice of developing and implementing city strategy, policy and design. It tends to be political in nature with many stakeholders who have different goals. As such, cities typically adopt foundational goals and principles related to sustainability, resilience and quality of life to guide decision making. The following are urban planning techniques and considerations.
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A definition of zoning with examples.


A list of city characteristics that add to quality of life.

Smart Cities

A list of smart city technologies.

Emergent Cities

An overview of emergent cities.

City Infrastructure

A list of city infrastructure.

Night Economy

An overview of the night economy.


A definition of future-proofing with examples.


An overview of economic competitiveness with examples.

Cosmopolitan City

The definition of cosmopolitan city with examples.

Edge City

The defining characteristics of an edge city.


The common types of street.

Existential Risk

An overview of existential risk.

Precautionary Principle

An overview of the precautionary principle.

Comparative Risk

A definition of comparative risk with examples.

Energy Efficiency

The common types of energy efficiency.

External Stakeholders

The definition of external stakeholder with examples.

Economic Bad

Common examples of an economic bad.


The definition of win-lose with examples.

Climate Engineering

An overview of climate engineering.

Soil Carbon

Why carbon soil is important.
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