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77 Examples of City Services

City services are services offered by a local government such as a city, town, village, county or similar entity. As cities are where people live, they are in the best position to offer services that are of value to people such as education, transportation and sanitation. Many city services are non-voluntary because they are viewed as improving the community as a whole. For example, local building codes and inspections that reduce risks such as fire risks. In some cases, cities may seek to control many aspects of local life such that their services could begin to feel paternalistic, oppressive or burdensome. The following are common examples of city services.
Adult Education Programs
Afterschool Programs
Air Quality Monitoring
Animal Welfare
Bicycle Infrastructure
Blue Space
Building Permits & Inspection
Child Protection Services
City Jails
Commercial Licenses
Community Programs
Construction Regulations
Culture Programs
Disability Access
Disaster Resilience
Energy Resilience
Enforcement of Local Ordinances
Environmental Protection
Environmental Remediation
Festivals & Events
Financial Support Programs (e.g. childcare subsidies)
Fire Department
Fire Safety & Inspection Services
Fitness Programs
Garbage Collection
Green Space
Heritage Preservation
Immigration Support Services
Job Training
Legal Assistance
Licensing of Controlled Establishments (e.g. Nightclubs)
Local Business Standards
Municipal Courts
Noise Pollution Controls
Nutrition Programs (e.g. Free School Lunches)
Ocean Rescue Services
Parking Services
Performance Theaters
Pest Control
Play Streets
Preschool & Daycare
Professional Licenses
Public Housing
Public Lighting & Light Pollution Controls
Public Registration (e.g. of births)
Public Square
Public Waterfront
Recreation Facilities
Sewer Services
Social Services
Sports Facilities
Sports Leagues
Technology Infrastructure (e.g. Public Wifi)
Tenant Protection
Tourism Promotion
Train Stations
Transportation Infrastructure
Transportation Safety
Urban Planning
Visitor Services (Tourism)
Voting & Civic Engagement
Water Services
Blue space is any public space that has water such as a river, canal, stream, waterfront, fountain or pond.
Concessions are commercial rights sold by a city. For example, the shops at an airport that have access to a captive market.
Play streets are streets that are designed to be safe for multiple uses such as play, recreation, exercise, personal reflection and traffic.
There is often overlap between local, national and regional services. Likewise, there are often different levels of local government such as counties and cities.


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