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30 Examples of Business Clusters

A business cluster is a tendency for industries to centralize in one place. This offers economies of density whereby interrelated firms are close together. Business clusters may also be based on talent whereby the people who work in an industry found new firms in the same place. Firms may also move in to attract the talent of the competition. This can be a virtuous cycle whereby a place becomes a gigantic talent and knowledge pool such that locating in the cluster can become a competitive advantage. The following are examples of a business cluster.
Agricultural Clusters e.g. wine regions
Aviation hubs
Capital cities i.e. centralization of government institutions
College towns
Commercial districts
Creative clusters
Culinary districts
Cultural capitals & cultural quarters
Data center clusters
Entertainment districts
Fashion capitals & fashion districts
Financial capitals & financial districts
Food hubs
Gaming industry hubs
Garment districts
Industrial parks
Innovation districts
Knowledge hubs
Logistics hubs
Luxury enclaves and posh shopping areas
Manufacturing hubs
Media clusters
Niche shopping streets
Nightlife areas
Research parks
Science parks
Startup hubs
Technology parks
Theater districts
Tourist areas
Specific examples of business clusters include the Hollywood film industry in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley in San Francisco and Wall Street banking in New York.

Economies of Variety

Some business clusters are based on the economies of variety whereby similar shops locating in the same area offer customers greater selection such that shops locating outside this area may be at a significant disadvantage.
Overview: Business Clusters
Definition (1)
An area with a high concentration of businesses from a single industry.
Definition (2)
A tendency for industries to centralize in one place.
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