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6 Types of Linear Park

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A linear park is an urban park that is considerably longer than it is wide. They typically result from historical features of a city such as roads that were replaced with green space. Linear parks are often ideal for activities such as walking and jogging. They also allow a large number of people to live within close proximity to a green space as they stretch through a city. The following are common types of linear park.


Public space alongside canals, streams and rivers. Rivers often have large floodplains that may be designated as parks that are closed in the event of a flood.


It is common for shorelines and beaches to be considered public land as areas of exceptional beauty. Many shoreline parks resemble promenades and boardwalks.

Railways & Highways

It is historically common for closed railway lines to be designated as parks. In recent decades, it is also popular to close highways or roads in favor of a linear park. This can significant boost property values and improve neighborhoods across a large area.

Elevated Parks

A linear park that is built above the ground with something under it. Currently most of these are repurposed highways. In theory, they can also be constructed over train lines and other long infrastructure.

Connected Parks

Linear parks that are designed to connect large parks with uninterrupted green space.

Historical Features

Linear parks are often built at the site of former firebreaks, defensive walls or trails. Some have an interesting history or feature historical structures such as city walls or old railway tracks.
Overview: Linear Park
An urban park that is considerably longer than it is wide.
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