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Community issues are problems, challenges, risks and opportunities that affect the people in a place. This applies to cities, neighborhoods and rural areas such as towns. Community issues include social, economic, cultural and environmental issues that affect the quality of life of communities. The following are common examples of community issues.
Affordable housing
Aging population
Air quality
Bias & discrimination
Business closures
Child protection
Childcare affordability & access
City budgets & financial management
Civic engagement
Community pride & identity
Community-police relations
Cost of living
Cultural preservation
Digital divide
Disability rights & accessibility
Disaster preparedness
Early childhood education
Economic competitiveness
Economic decline
Economic development
Economic problems
Education access
Education quality
Elderly care
Emergency services
Fair & accessible local elections
Financial access such as credit and loans
Food deserts
Food insecurity
Green space
Healthcare disparities
Healthcare quality
Historical preservation
Homeowner associations
Housing discrimination
Human rights
Immigration & integration
Land use conflicts
Language barriers
Mental health crisis response
Mental health services
Neighborhood revitalization
Neighborhood safety
Noise pollution
Pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure
Pedestrian & cyclist safety
Physical inactivity
Places to play
Police accountability
Police funding
Privacy concerns related to surveillance
Property taxes
Public health
Public restrooms
Public space
Racial disparities
Safety & security
School bullying
Small business failures
Social cohesion in a diverse population
Social isolation
Social services
Special needs education
Sports & recreation facilities
Substance abuse
Support for local business
Teacher shortages
Traffic congestion
Traffic safety
Transportation issues
Urban decline
Urban sprawl
Voter turnout
Water quality
Water scarcity
Youth programs & activities
Youth unemployment
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