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24 Examples of Knowledge Quality

Knowledge quality is the value of knowledge. This includes its usefulness, relevance, timeliness, accuracy, precision and traceability. Knowledge can be useful without being completely accurate. Likewise, knowledge that is accurate can be useless. As such, assessing the quality of knowledge requires context and insight into how the knowledge is used and whether it is fit for purpose. The following are common elements of knowledge quality.
Based on evidence or expertise
Traceability – a record of how the knowledge originated
Free from errors
Free of biases
Peer reviewed
Fit for purpose – useful given its context of use
Timeliness and freshness
Ethical – respects privacy, intellectual property rights and sensitivities
Transparent – knowledge that is open to challenge and inspection
Maintained and improved – knowledge that is actively improved
Discoverable – knowledge that can be searched and explored
Accessibility – the knowledge is available where it is needed
Actionable – knowledge that can be used to improve actions and decisions
Non-obvious – obvious statements aren’t particularly valuable
Knowledge advantage – knowledge that isn’t available to the competition
Knowledge quality shouldn't be confused with correctness. Quality is more about usefulness and value given the purpose of knowledge. Knowledge that is somewhat ambiguous and partially incorrect could still be quite high quality. For example, a well-connected salesperson who often identifies firms that "appear to be" in the market for an expensive software product. This knowledge may be completely ambiguous and based on rumor but nonetheless may be worth far more than certain knowledge that is available to all competitors.
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