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42 Examples of Records Management

Records management is the end-to-end process of capturing, maintaining, controlling and disposing of information artifacts. This includes the management of any information that is important to a business or that must be retained for compliance purposes including records of analysis, decisions, transactions, processes, projects, problems, finances, approvals and so forth. Such records may be in paper or digital format and include things like emails, logs, documents, media, digital messages and databases. The following are common examples of records management.
Archival control of digital records
Audit trail
Capturing and managing emails
Capturing and managing media
Classifying records
Collection of records
Compliance reporting
Data privacy
Digital preservation
Digitization of records
Disaster recovery of records
Enforcing record policies and processes
Ethical handling of records
Gap analysis of systems / record repositories
Identification and protection of essential records
Implementing / improving record management systems
Information access policies
Information capture requirements
Information planning
Information security of records
Information taxonomies
Inventory of systems / record repositories
Log management
Maintaining permanent records
Managing confidential records
Modernizing record systems, repositories and processes
Monitoring regulatory change
Quality control for records
Recordkeeping processes
Records disposition
Records management procedures & guidelines
Records metadata
Records policies
Records standards
Records storage planning & capacity planning
Records tracking
Records transfers / integration
Regulatory compliance
Retention policies
Retention schedules
Supporting audits and other reviews of records
Supporting transparency processes
Overview: Records Management
The end-to-end process of capturing, maintaining, controlling and disposing of information artifacts.
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