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7 Examples of Knowledge Capital

 , October 21, 2017
Knowledge capital is the potential of a nation, city, organization or individual to perform knowledge work. It is the result of elements of a society such as education, health, safety, well-being and culture that support the process of acquiring knowledge, talent and ability. The following are common types of knowledge capital.


The ability to get people moving in the same direction towards common objectives.


The ability to sell and influence decisions and actions.


Practical knowledge that allows you to complete tasks.


The ability to create new value such as designs and art.


Identifying goals and objectives and effective plans to achieve them.

Problem Solving

The ability to solve problems.

Decision Making

The ability to make decisions that are likely to work out well.
Overview: Knowledge Capital
DefinitionThe potential of a nation, city, organization or individual to perform knowledge work.
Commonly Confused WithIntellectual Capital
Information Assets
Intangible Assets
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