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32 Examples of Knowledge Use

Knowledge use is the practical application of knowledge that produces actions, outputs and results. Knowledge is used in everything that a human does such that knowledge uses can feel self-evident and obvious.
Innovation and invention
Knowledge work – production of value with knowledge
Labor – applying know-how
Professional services
Developing estimates
Cooperative processes such as a design meeting
Competitive processes such as buying and selling securities on a market
Public speaking
Teaching and training
Internal controls
Safety and security – such as preventing a cybersecurity incident with knowledge of a security flaw
Product development
Research and experimentation
Customer service – such as explaining a product to a customer
Communication – such as tailoring an advertisement to a customer need
Artistic expression
Imagination – often based on knowledge references
Elements of the human experience such as tradition
Knowledge use is the rule as opposed to the exception. For example, knowledge is applied to all labor such as a traditional craft and isn't exclusive to so-called knowledge work.
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