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22 Examples of Knowledge Risk

Knowledge risk is the potential for losses related to knowledge and knowledge processes. This includes risks related to low quality knowledge, knowledge gaps and incorrect information that lead to poor strategy, decisions and actions. The following are common examples of knowledge risks.
Knowledge acquisition failures – inability to obtain the knowledge required
Misinformation and disinformation
Knowledge loss – the loss of valuable knowledge
Knowledge waste – paying to produce knowledge that goes unused
Knowledge inefficiency – paying too much for knowledge relative to its value
Data breaches and information leaks
Inaccurate information
Biased information
Outdated information
Information from unknown or noncredible sources
Information overload – copious information that confuses rather than aiding processes
Misapplications and misinterpretations
Unethical disclosure of personal information
Disclosure of confidential information
Knowledge process failures
Costs of maintaining and managing knowledge
Costs of retaining knowledge
Knowledge bottlenecks and single points of failure
Knowledge culture risks such as inappropriate secrecy
Knowledge outsourcing risks such as a loss of valuable proprietary knowledge to partners
Knowledge continuity failures such as a lack of knowledge transfer and sharing
Knowledge isolation – useful knowledge that isn’t discoverable and shareable
In some cases, organizations produce copious amounts of knowledge artifacts that never get used. This is a common risk known as underpants gnomes whereby it is magically assumed that producing knowledge is always a good thing without being able to explain how specific artifacts create real world results.
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