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14 Examples of Knowledge Analysis

Knowledge analysis is the systematic discovery and examination of information that is relevant to humans. This can include analysis of knowledge processes, culture, artifacts and repositories in order to assess, synthesize and recommend. The following are common examples of knowledge analysis.
Knowledge Identification
Identifying knowledge sources, artifacts, repositories and expertise.
Knowledge Classification
Applying standard labels to knowledge and structuring it into collections.
Knowledge Extraction
Extracting knowledge from various sources.
Knowledge Examination
Analysis of patterns, trends, relationships and context of knowledge.
Knowledge Quality
Evaluating the usefulness, reliability, accuracy and freshness of knowledge.
Knowledge Efficiency & Risk
Looking at the efficiency of knowledge processes and risks such as knowledge loss and knowledge waste.
Knowledge Validation
Cross-referencing, reviewing and fact-checking knowledge.
Knowledge Synthesis
Creating new knowledge from existing knowledge.
Knowledge Visualization
Creating visual artifacts from knowledge sources.
Knowledge Processes
Examining processes of knowledge creation, validation, curation and use.
Knowledge Culture
Investigating organizational behaviors around knowledge creation, sharing, use and preservation.
Knowledge Gaps
Identifying shortfalls in knowledge, knowledge processes and knowledge capabilities.
Insights and Findings
Creating actionable recommendations from knowledge.
Knowledge Improvement
Recommendations for improving knowledge processes, culture, artifacts or repositories.
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