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9 Types of Employee Satisfaction

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Employee satisfaction is an indicator of employee engagement that is calculated with a confidential, or often anonymous, survey that asks employees directly, "how satisfied are you with your job?" As with customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction is useful because there is no better way to know if people are happy than to ask them directly. The following are common elements of employee satisfaction.

Hygiene Factors

Hygiene factors are minimum working conditions that don't boost employee satisfaction if they are met. However, if they are absent they can result in extremely low employee satisfaction. These are basic elements such as water, coffee, tea, comfortable chairs and a safe working environment that employees expect.

Extrinsic Motivation

Motivation driven by compensation, incentives, rewards, status and praise.

Intrinsic Motivation

Internalizing a firm's mission and believing you play an important role. In some cases, employees feel pulled towards work and find it personally rewarding.


Many employees prefer working for leaders who provide certainty in the form of a stable strategy and plans that are clearly communicated. When strategy seems random, political and unstable people tend to feel things are hopeless or absurd.

Tone at the Top

Respect for a firm's leadership. For example, the belief that a firm's leaders live up to the firm's values and mission.


Overworked people may be unhappy. Under-worked people may also be unhappy. Idle time can be boring and lead employees to have a low sense of accomplishment.


The norms, values and expectations of an organization. For example, office politics that are reasonable and courteous as opposed to negative and uncivil.

Job Security

Employees who don't feel secure in their job tend to be dissatisfied. For example, rumors of a layoff can reduce employee satisfaction.

Quality of Working Life

The quality of the job itself including factors such as office location, interior design, tools and processes. For example, a job with creative freedom in an appealing office using state of the art tools.
Overview: Employee Satisfaction
An indicator of employee engagement based on a survey that asks employees to rank their satisfaction with their job.
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