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Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

Disinformation vs Anti-Information

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Disinformation is information that is deliberately wrong or misleading.
Anti-information is information that isn't helpful that can be considered noise that only serves to obscure meaningful information.

Disinformation vs Anti-Information

Disinformation is incorrect information that is designed by governments, organizations or individuals in order to influence. For example, companies may spread disinformation about risk in order to avoid risk mitigation by governments and consumers that puts their industry out of favor.
Anti-Information is noise. By definition, information is data that is meaningful to people. Anti-information is designed to look like it is meaningful but has hollow meaning that serves to make insightful and actionable information more difficult to find. For example, if a stock suddenly drops in price an investor may check social media to find out why. If they find nothing but investors expressing emotions and wild opinions they may view this as anti-information that gets in the way of actual news about the company.
Disinformation vs Anti-Information
Incorrect or misleading information designed to influence.
Meaningless or hollow information that serves only as noise.

Knowledge Management

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